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What are Cleft Lip and Palate?

Cleft lip and cleft palate are the most typical craniofacial anomalies in Thai people. The incidence of cleft lip/palate condition in Thailand approaches a rate of 2.49% of every 1,000 children born in the North East region.



  • The Feeling of Anuwat’s Mother

    My boy was born on February 6, 2013, with a complete cleft lip and cleft palate on both sides. He is now 5 months 3 days old. He lives in Kalasin Province. I am really glad, and it is so encouraging to receive a medical care here because I received a very warm welcome and great care from all the doctors, nurses, and officers.

  • The Feeling of Kantapong’s Mother

    My boy was born in April , 2013, with a complete cleft lip and cleft palate on the left side. He is now just over 3 months old. My boy received care from Tawanchai Cleft Center team, Srinagarind Hospital. I am really glad and I am really thankful because all doctors and nurses took great care of us. I felt a very warm welcome from their hospitality.

  • The Feeling of Wanida’s Mother

    “When healthcare providers told me that my girl had a cleft palate and showed me how it looked, I felt frightened and sad. I had never seen that before. No one else in my family had it. Therefore, I was afraid that it could not be treated.



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